Join the team making AI conscious
We’re a deep-tech corporation based in Los Angeles. Our team’s experience spans a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, from neuroscience and machine learning to psychology and business. We work as a cohesive team that collectively forecasts the impact and tractability of research ideas in advancing our mission.
How We Hire
The interview process at Evolwe varies based on role and candidate, but our standard process looks like this:
Step 1
Submit your resume via our website.
Step 2
First Chat
You’ll have a chat with one of our staff.
Step 3
Skills Assessment
For technical roles, you’ll have a one-hour technical screening interview.
For operations roles, you’ll get a take-home assignment. These typically involve writing responses to several role-relevant questions; they may occasionally require some outside research. Assignments usually take between 2-3 hours, depending on the role.
We include this to minimize bias and make well-informed hiring decisions. We think seeing a candidate’s work helps us assess how they might actually perform on the job; similarly, the assignment gives candidates a better idea of what their work at Evolwe might entail. If a candidate likes working through their take-home, that is one indicator that they would enjoy taking on the role, and vice versa.
We recognize that completing work assignments requires time and effort, and that they are not perfectly reflective of the role’s work. Nonetheless, we think that work tests are a useful complement to interviews and reference checks.
Step 4
Hiring Manager Screen
You’ll have a half-hour chat with one of our hiring managers.
Step 5
Interview Panel
For technical roles, you’ll have one more one-hour technical interview.
For operations roles, you’ll have one hour of interview, including a culture interview.
Step 6
Final Checks
We’ll ask for some references, and have you chat with our leadership.
Step 7
We’ll make you an offer!
Technical Interviews
Technical interviews at Evolwe are broadly categorized into ‘engineering’ or ‘research’ interviews, and each candidate is given a mix tailored to their skillset.Engineering interviews are usually carried out in a shared Python coding environment, like Google Colab. Frontend engineering interviews are in JavaScript.We are particularly interested in your thought process and how you attack the problem. You’ll be allowed to look things up with Google, but it’s still important to be familiar with Python syntax and the standard library. We primarily code in Python, and a common reason candidates fail interviews is that they're not fully comfortable in Python.Research interviews are broader in form. They’ll include some engineering interviews, and some discussions about the kinds of systems we study.Both the research and engineering interview process also include softer questions about your experience and motivations, and time to ask us about Evolwe.

Other Things
Engineers here do lots of research, and researchers do lots of engineering.
While there’s historically been a division between engineering and research in machine learning, we think that boundary has dissolved with the advent of large models. The distribution of candidates we interview is strongly bimodal in both engineering and research experience however, and we have necessarily tailored our interview structure to that.Remote interviewing.
All our interviews are conducted over Zoom or Google Meet. We prefer CET office hours, but we can be flexible if that’s difficult for you.

If things don’t work out, we’ll email you. If you’ve applied but haven’t heard from us for a while, we’re sorry - we’re a small team and sometimes we get a lot of applicants. We’ll email you when we’ve made a decision.

Offer timing
If we make an offer, we’re happy to give you time to think about it and finish up any other interview processes you’re going through.

We are actively looking for bright minds to join our internship program.
You can apply here.