Meet SensEI
A next-generation AI assistant who truly understands you and provides a deep personalization
Since deploying SensEI in our product, we're seeing higher user engagement, stronger user feedback and we're closing more deals.
Evolwe has already been a great partner, working closely with us to improve the quality of our answers while also meeting our strict privacy requirements.
Users describe SensEI answers as detailed and easily understood, and they like that exchanges feel like natural conversation
Empathetic, alive and customizable
SensEI can be a delightful company sales manager, a personal guide, a creative partner, a virtual avatar, and more. Based on the first Artificial Empathy ™ technology she provides human-like interactions. Personality, tone, and behavior can all be customized to your needs.
Easy integration
via standard APIs
SensEI can be incorporated into any product or toolchain you’re building with minimal effort.
Personalized approach
Thanks to Personalized AI ™ and training based on psycholinguistic and psychometrics, SensEI can deeply understand users’ personality, traits, and profile. SensEI has been trained to communicate with a personal approach.
Available 24/7 and safe
SensEI is a totally secure and always available, whenever you or your customers need, with servers that are designed to scale and meet demanding workloads.
Put SensEI to work
Customer Service
SensEI ensures personalized and empathetic resolution to customer service requests, providing cost savings and increased customer satisfaction and engagement. SensEI can also be taught to hand off tasks to a human CSR when needed, enabling the team to focus on the most complex challenges.
SensEI is able to be a professional and friendly tutor for kids and students. She will help to train new skills and gain knowledge faster and more efficiently.
SensEI can be a constantly available and actively listening companion for personal or career growth, providing support in challenging situations, and helping to reach goals most efficiently.
SensEI is able to integrate seamlessly into games, creating personalized experiences for players through deeply understanding their needs and generating scripts. SensEI helps game developers to optimize workload and increase engagement.
With Evolwe technology, you can create generative agents for immersive worlds that bring more life and engagement. These can be NPCs, Avatars and various characters that approach the player in a personalized way.
SensEI can act as a personal virtual sales representative, answering customer questions and guiding them towards products that meet their needs. Customize SensEI with your brand's personality and tone.
Create with SensEI's skills
SensEI’s skills can be combined to optimize even the most complex tasks
Understanding deeply
The more you know about your clients, the better you can serve them. SensEI can analyze, integrate and provide actionable insights based on users’ texts, behavior, and social profiles. SensEI can create microtargeting messages and dialogues that bring customer experience to a next level.
Understanding deeply
SensEI establishes relations with users through her empathetic communication skills. She was trained on psychological and psychometric datasets to provide human-like and engaging interactions.
Understanding deeply
SensEI has extensive general knowledge gained from its vast training corpus, with sophisticated background on psychology and cognitive science. SensEI speaks a variety of common languages, as well as programming ones.
Understanding deeply
SensEI can create agents for various needs - sales managers, avatars, NPCs that behave and communicate independently. This brings a new level of engagement, immersiveness, and unpredictable experience for users.